Hygienic's annual Rock Haus happens Saturday at the Crocker House

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How come there are no "smart musician" jokes? Always: The punchlines about how dumb/lazy/reliant on strippers we are!

To prove to my friends and families that I wasn't just another "dumb bassist," I thought, "I'll show them!" I set out to do some really smart stuff — but then I got tired and fell asleep and later called a "waitress" I knew at Booger Mike's Topless Pizza Buffet restaurant and had her bring over some leftovers (I didn't have a car) and, oh, yeah, would she mind picking up some beer?

Well, despite all that, I DO know how to spell "house" — and it's h-a-u-s, as in the Hygienic XLI's annual Rock Haus concert taking place Saturday in the Crocker House Ballroom. (Er, Crocker Haus?)

Anyway, it's a nice bill curated by the omnipresent Hugh Birdsall: Secret Lita (8 p.m.), Dogbite Band (9 p.m.), Ken Atkins and The Honkytonk Kind (10 p.m.) and Heap (11 p.m.). It's also worth noting that the doors open for Happy Hour at 7 p.m.

Rock Haus, 7 p.m. Saturday, Crocker House Ballroom, 35 Union St., New London; $10 suggested donation; hygienic.org.  



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