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Machine Gun Kelly sells out Mohegan Sun Arena's Sunday show

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If watching the short film "Downfalls High" and listening to its "Tickets to My Downfall" companion CD, efforts by rapper-turned-rocker/actor Machine Gun Kelly, tell us anything, it's that those pesky late-teen years never change. You've got your cliques and your angst and your rebels and your losers and the jocks and the hot girls. The fashion and accoutrements might evolve, but the set pieces are all the same as it ever was.

The important thing is that each generation has to navigate this stuff for itself. To that end, MGK's sound/visual exploration thereof features a bullet train of catchy if admittedly derivative emo/punk that's a departure from his typical rap. And it's good! Few artistic expressions capture this scene better than punk/emo.

Kelly is on tour and performs the material on Halloween night at the sold-out Mohegan Sun Arena. It should rock in a big way.

Machine Gun Kelly, 7 p.m. Sunday, Mohegan Sun Arena; JXDN and Carol's Daughter appear in support; sold out;


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