Senior Kelly Eberle accepted to America's most renowned music school

Senior Kelly Eberle pushed through a tough audition to be accpeted to Berklee School of Music
Senior Kelly Eberle pushed through a tough audition to be accpeted to Berklee School of Music

by Kaley Roberts


Even the acceptance e-mail was strikingly unique.


"Only you can determine whether you are ready," it began. "Ready to contribute to the legacy and the legend. Ready to thrive, Ready to fulfill the potential that is so evident to us. We have opened the door. Now it's up to you."


After months of anticipation, it was official. On January 31, Berklee School of Music drenched senior Kelly Eberle in a rare opportunity. The singer/songwriter was offered a role in the class of 2015's cast of musically brilliant freshmen.


"When I read the letter 'this is cheesy but, I felt like they were talking to me," said Eberle. "Even just that illustrated how badly the professors wanted to work with us, to keep building the music generation."


Eberle is not exaggerating; an undeniable percentage of music's next generation is discovered at Berklee. Musicians like Gavin Degraw and John Mayer started off jamming in one of Berklee's 306 oncampus practice rooms. In total, Berklee alumni boast 192 Grammy Awards. Eberle joked that she "would love to be" the 193rd winner.


"Kelly will be successful at Berklee because she has a work ethic that will allow her to persevere and thrive in the competitive environment Berklee will provide," said ELHS drama advisor Mr. Place.


"It's so hard to tell where this will all end up," Eberle said. "Right now, I'm just doing everything in my power to do what I can to go to Berklee," she said. "But I kind of can't wait to see where it takes me."


Undeniably, Eberle's future is star-studded and shining. It is not, however, the easiest future to shape. Her road to acceptance has already proved exhausting: Berklee required an audition and interview before Eberle's acceptance e-mail hit cyberspace.


"As a friend, it has been incredibly hard to watch Kelly this year as she tried to figure out where to go for college," said senior Kate Kielty. "Unlike the rest of us seniors, Kelly didn't have a long list of schools that she could really see herself at. The only place that fits her dreams and talent is Berklee."


"Kelly has always had a furious passion for music," said her friend, senior Tom Brubaker. "Watching her form a life around that passion has been awe-inspiring."


And as a musician, that is all Eberle wants to do: inspire. "I don't have to be world famous," she said. "As long as I help others find a passion in music, I'll be happy. If I can inspire one person, that's all I need."