Debate issues in Day, don't make it personal

My letter is meant to remind some readers that in this country we have the right to express our views about public topics in public forums like The Day.

Since writing a recent "Letter to the Editor," expressing my thoughts, I've been harassed in a nasty manner by a woman from Salem.

Rather than writing an appropriate response letter to The Day, she's written to my private email address, making derogatory statements and defaming my dedicated, volunteer work record - something she has no knowledge of - perhaps a reason to avoid a proper forum such as The Day.

When items becoming public knowledge, in other words "news," maybe in a story in The Day, they are open for publicly expressed opinions, including through a "Letter to the Editor."

I appreciate that The Day gives its readers a public forum to express thoughts and opinions properly, giving them a voice to help enhance the knowledge of others, express agreement or disagreement, or perhaps advocate for the causes of those who can't.

An appropriate response to any "Letter to the Day" is your own fact-based "Letter to the Day."

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