Could school prayer have avoided killings?

After reading the headlines in The Day on June 13, "Newton activist bring anti-gun message to Washington," it seems like the Newtown activists have decided just guns caused the Newtown tragedy.

But there is another part of the Newton tragedy, one largely ignored. On Dec. 16, the people and religious leaders of Newtown gathered in the Newtown High School auditorium for an interfaith prayer vigil. There were Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Sikhs and Muslims. In this country, whenever we have a tragedy, we as a nation turn to prayer for consolation and comfort.

If we can do this as a nation, then why can't we have prayers to God in schools to start each day? We were in fact formed as one nation under God, and we were founded under the "reliance on and protection of divine providence." A prayer to God, or divine providence, would make children realize there are other people in the world who need our help and prayers, and it's not just all about us.

Maybe if Adam Lanza started out each day in school with a prayer for someone, he might have thought differently about others, and just maybe, he wouldn't have done the things he did.

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