Marvelous Liars play debut gig at Oasis Pub

Gone for Good, the popular and exceptionally talented power-rock trio from Norwich, may well be gone for good. They broke up in June 2012.

But, after a period of reflection and relaxation - during which he got married - guitarist/singer/songwriter Nick Johns formed a new band called Marvelous Liars. (Trivia fun: the final Gone for Good album was called "Marvelous Liar.") Joining Johns in the venture are Dave Freeburg and Mike Winslow, a substantial rhythm section who are well established through their other musical pastime, Fatal Film.

Marvelous Liars play their official first gig Saturday in New London's Oasis Pub, and fans will get a taste of material from a soon-to-be-released inaugural CD. Another new and decidedly promising group, Wolfghost, also appears on the bill. Comprised of bassist Dave Anderson, vocalist Joey Royale, drummer Bobby Crash and guitarist Mike Desmond, Wolfghost is another local supergroup.


Marvelous Liars, 9 p.m. Saturday, Oasis Pub, New London; with Wolfghost; $5; (860) 443-1193.

Editor's note: This article has been edited to correctly list the venue.


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