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Erect solar panels in places that make sense

Thank you for your excellent editorial about cutting down forests to build large solar installations, “To protect ecosystem, improve balance on critical regulatory panel,” (Feb. 1). After reading it, I immediately wrote to Gov. Lamont asking him to appoint environmentalists to the Connecticut Siting Council.

A particular worry is the proposal to clear-cut 75 acres of woodland in Waterford. I am in favor of renewable energy. However, the cost of projects like these to our forests, streams and wildlife far outweigh the benefits. This project should be rejected.

There are plenty of empty parking lots around shopping malls, industrial buildings and abandoned mills. Let the solar panels go there.

In California, I saw solar panels installed on platforms over parking lots. The resulting shade also protects cars from summer heat. Let's use similar imaginative solutions here. And save our woods.

Rachel Pierson




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