Food tip: Hawaiian pizza, Meatballs, New London

Food tip

Hawaiian pizza

Meatballs, New London

The three most divisive things in modern America: Trump; Red Sox/Yankees; and Hawaiian pizza. I'll bet our president and Jorge Posada hate Hawaiian pizza, though, because I really like ham and pineapple on a pie, and I really don't like Trump and Posada. The new Meatballs restaurant on Bank Street in New London (the old Paisano's location), offers a few spins on the Hawaiian, though: For one, it comes on a sesame seed crust, which adds a subtle, slightly nutty flavor to the proceedings. Also: coconut flakes. A lot of them, in fact. I ate two slices of the very large pie (one size only, $21), chewing thoughtfully. I took the rest home and, over the course of two nights, have continued to ponder as I continue to work my way through. You know what? I like it. Maybe a lot. It might be one of those situations where I'll go to Meatballs, planning to NOT order it, and end up doing it anyway. It sneaks up on you.


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