Unhappy with Somers' support of Fairview bill

Whom does state Senator Heather Somers represent?

She introduced Senate Bill No. 377 to grant a $35 million retroactive property tax value exemption to the Odd Fellows/Fairview complex in Groton. The skilled nursing facility at Fairview is tax exempt under Connecticut general statues but Fairview also has 24 assisted-living apartments, 40 independent dwelling units, a clubhouse and a full service restaurant.

The legislation amended in committee from $35 million to $25 million would apply only in the future and only to any value exceeding $25 million.

Fairview is only tax exempt because its state charter as a nonprofit contains a provision granting the exemption. It started in 1893 and has increased to the present $25 million. It costs the state nothing and Groton taxpayers have never had a say on the matter.

Somers did not consult with the Groton Town Council and promoted the bill even though they are opposed to it. She will have the Groton taxpayers shoulder an extra $300,000 in property taxes to protect a single entity.

She should solicit our views and be responsive to the elected representatives of Groton.

Why is Somers putting the interest of a single entity ahead of her Groton constituents?

Charles Stevens



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