Urgo's experience makes him top choice for North Stonington first selectman

Like many towns, North Stonington faces many challenges. Anticipating a revenue shortfall from Hartford, at a time when the town is in the construction phase of a new firehouse and seeking state funding for a school modernization program, taxpayers will most likely be asked to shoulder more than just the typical tax increase. Additionally, for the first time in decades, not one of our three highly experienced selectmen will be on the November ballot.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to running a town. Given the two candidates running for first selectman, Michael Urgo is the person of choice. Having served on the Board of Finance, he understands town financial matters, including a liaison function to the Board of Education during teacher contract negotiations. As chairman of the school modernization building committee, Michael has shown an appreciation of the benefits that a top-notch school system brings to a town.

No doubt both candidates have a genuine interest in doing the best for our town, but given the experience levels, the town deserves to have Michael Urgo as first selectman.  

Brent Woodward

North Stonington

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