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Don't be a Trump, wear your mask

It seems the president's bad behavior is influencing too many Americans to follow him by not wearing masks when sharing space with others. I was shopping at Big Y recently and tried hard to avoid several folks not wearing masks or pulling their masks down below their noses. Have Americans lost their minds and become devoid of compassion?

This behavior is dangerous to themselves and others. Viruses do not belong to political parties; they seek hosts to infect. This new virus that has disrupted our lives is contagious like measles and more lethal than flu. Some members of our society, like the elderly and the poor, are more vulnerable; but this virus will kill children, teenagers, and younger adults, just not in the same quantities.

Social distancing has slowed the death march, but it has not stopped. As we lessen restrictions it will rise again. We hope that summer sun will help kill the virus, at least until fall brings the cold air again, but we do not know that for sure. This is a new virus to humanity and even our scientists do not know all about it yet. It is wise to take all precautions possible until a vaccine is found.

Wear a mask.

Audrey Daigneault




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