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'Get State Pier under honest control'

I read that President Biden is directing $17 Billion dollars to establish pop-up ports to ease supply chain congestion nationwide, “Biden administration’s latest effort to ease supply chain congestion: pop-up ports,” (Nov. 10).

State Pier in New London had on dock rail, connected to recently federally upgraded freight rail. That rail led to all New England inland ports. We had warehouses, a functioning port, a strong longshoreman's union.

I do not believe it was a mistake that our port was taken out of competition. Rails ripped up. Warehouses torn down. Longshoremen's union shuttered.

I believe it was a callous, defensive play by some very wealthy, politically connected hedge fund operators who recently purchased the neighboring port of New Haven. Worse, the whole thing was backed by our own government.

Scarcity of goods and elevated shipping prices cause inflation. Under honest control, State Pier will be the buffering agent that protects our residents and businesses from the caustic effects of inflation. We need to get State Pier under honest control.

Kevin Blacker




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