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    Tuesday, November 28, 2023

    Check your facts before writing

    In response to Mike Zito’s letter to the editor, “Democrats turn up the heat,” (Aug. 20), I do not believe the information he promulgated was factual. Before I come to a conclusion on any subject, I try to gather all the facts I can on the subject. For example, let’s do some fact checks on his letter:

    a. “This raid,” I assume was on Trump’s residence. A raid is a surprise visit etc.

    Fact – Trump and his associates knew about the warrant prior to it being served. The director of the FBI is a Trump appointee.

    b. “Rudy Giuliani brought down the five families (syndicated crime family), so they ruined him, and he has been defeated.”

    Come on, there are no facts in this statement. If you are going to try and sway someone’s opinion. Facts are required.

    c. “Same with Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.”

    Fact – Both were found guilty by a jury of peers in court. Both were pardoned before serving time in prison by Trump.

    d. “IRS – info.”

    Fact – A Trump appointee is in charge of the IRS.

    Stephen Snyder


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