Reader had issues with recent Day letter

Precision and accuracy are the hallmarks of good science, and the same pertains to the communication of scientific findings. This reader was therefore concerned with aspects of the letter, "Wind Farm May Have Hidden Hazards" on June 23.

The "relevant technical article" referred to in that letter had its genesis in the undergraduate honors paper of the first author, and was based on a literature review, and the insights of her "honors contract mentor," the second author on that "Acoustics Today" article. This reader seriously doubts that she, at this early stage in her career, would consider herself one of the "specialized trained scientists" as she was described by the letter writer.

This reader finds no fault with the article, "Wind Turbines and Ghost Stories: the Effects of Ultrasound on the Human Auditory System" or its authors, but is concerned at how it was recently portrayed in The Day. He is also left to wonder why "and Ghost Stories" was omitted from this title as it appeared in the recent letter, and why the quarterly magazine title, and the name of its publisher (The Acoustical Society of America), were not accurately rendered in that letter.

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