Sequestration isn't hurting politicians

After reading and rereading the articles on sequestration in The Day on how these cuts are devastating our local and national economy and people, I reread them looking very carefully to find where our politicians' pay, benefits, travel, parties are cut. I guess I missed it!

I thought one of the duties of politicians was to work on a balanced budget. I keep hearing that we all have to suffer equally.

Really? The only ones I see hurting are our hard-working Americans, the military and businesses that are fighting to survive. An "amnesty bill" with millions more illegals taking our jobs and benefits?

Wake up America. The honest, hard-working citizens are losing their dignity, as our politicians, all of them, are spending, driving businesses out, and greasing their pockets.

It's time for a clean sweep. Vote them all out. They are destroying America.

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