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Rep. France acting like Georgia Republican

Remember the national outcry about the fraudulent election Connecticut held last November? No? Me neither. Apparently, some elected Connecticut Republicans do. They have proposed several bills in the General Assembly that mirror Republicans nationwide who support Trump’s big lie.

Remember those courageous state secretaries of state who followed the law and resisted Trump’s attempts to overturn the election? Well, HB5540 and HB6325 remove the authority of the secretary of state as chief election officer and give that power to a partisan legislature. Just like Georgia.

Remember the pandemic and millions of people voting by mail? SB796 requires that all absentee ballots be counted on Election Day. Too bad if some ballots are not counted by midnight.

Remember the pact that Connecticut joined to give electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote? HB5882 withdraws Connecticut from that pact. (Understandable, since Republicans have only won the popular vote for president once in the last eight elections.)

Well, at least it is not a crime (yet) to give food or drink to voters waiting in long lines (like Georgia). Republican Rep. Mike France is cosponsor of the above House bills and wants to be my congressman. No, thanks.

Stephen Menno



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