Daphne Lee Martin headlines Friday Night Folk in New London

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On the one hand, you have your musical artists who do one thing really well and stick with it. The Ramones, for example, produced about 200 tunes over the course of 14 studio albums — and THEY WERE ALL THE SAME SONG!

Others like Prince, Hendrix, The Beatles and Dylan (to cite the obvious) continually experimented with styles, structures and influences.

Our own Daphne Lee Martin is a songwriter who neatly fits into the latter category. At her core is a literate, melodic tunesmith who, from album to album, explores new ideas and sounds with considerable acumen. Her latest album, "Scared Fearless," which is, in my opinion, her best and most assured, seems over the course of 13 songs to crystalize the best bits of everything she's learned over the years. There's more of a memoirish quality to this album than in Martin's past work, and that means a lot of pain, wonder, anger, wry humor and hard-earned wisdom, and it's expressed in consistent and beautifully crafted fashion.

Why is Martin not a big star in the Americana movement? Hell if I know. She should be.  

Martin headlines the latest Friday Night Folk concert in New London's All Souls UU Congregation.

Daphne Lee Martin, Friday Night Folk, 7 p.m. Friday, All Souls UU Congregation, 19 Jay St., New London; $10-$20; (860) 443-0316, fridaynightfolk.org.


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